best truck accessories for hunters

Best Truck Accessories for Hunters

What are some of the best truck accessories to have if you’re going on a hunting trip? We have a few suggestions.

Gun or bow holder

If you’re taking your equipment out into the woods, having a place to store your gun or bow is one of the first truck accessories you should pick up. Usually, these accessories are seat racks, allowing you to safely stow your equipment in the backseat.

Hitch mounted hoist

When it comes to hunting, field dressing your game is part of the job. Having a hoist attached to your truck makes it easy to clean game on the go.

Seat covers and bed liner

Hunting can involve getting kind of mucky. You might be covered in dirt and gunk from cleaning game. You can protect your truck with bed liner to prevent it from getting scratched up by hooves and antlers. For the cabin, having seat covers will protect your truck from any grime you’ve picked up on your clothes.

Floor mats

As we mentioned above, dirt and grime is part of hunting — you’re going to end up with muck on your boots. Save yourself the time and effort of shampooing your carpet by investing in some all-weather floor mats.

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